Welcome to WOOF

Passionate about dogs​​​​​​

Immerse your loved ones in a world of pure joy and excitement. Comfort and safety, is our priority. 
Everybody loves spas, but when we talk "Dog Spa", we ensure to give your dog the utmost experience. Our proffesionals will handle the best treatments and care. 

our goal....

   ...make those tails wag all day!

A doggy Day-Pass? You will not believe how much fun and stress-free, that your dog will enjoy. Only we can handle so much fun and entertainment... They never want to leave.
Our Facilities
Our facilites were specifically designed to provide a safe and positive experience for our guests.

AC-  Dogs are very sensitive to heat. Tempature is a matter of comfort but also safety. 

MusicWe play light music for our guests before going to bed.  Who doesn´t enjoy falling asleep while listening to Mozart or Bach. 

TV -  Yep, it might sound ridiculous, few dogs watch TV, but the sound of it, helps them relax. 

Our Family
Woof's staff is the most valuable asset.     It might sound like a cliché, but there is no other industry that is more true, than in animal services. 

Here are some of the team members 
Sealtiel  "Seal" "Chacho"

Founded Woof in 2011.  Came to Cabo to follow his passion and start his dog business. Loves to surf and chill with the four legged ones. 

His Pack: Trufa (lab), Billy (pitbull mix) and Moree (mix of mix)

Marco    "Mark" 

After years of professional experience in the Hotel industry he switched to the Dog hotel industry which for obvious reasons is more fun and interesting. Passionate in every aspect of life, Mark loves to Bodyboard and spend time at the beach. 

His Pack : Ramon (the stuborn Beagle)


The energy of an angel and the talent of an artist. Mariel has mastered the art of grooming. 

Her Pack : Felicia, Kobu, Simba (all mixes) and Mufasa  (Cocker)

Hugo is the Wonder Kid of the team, young and talented, he is the one that will make sure your dogs have some serious fun while they stay with us.

His Pack: Kyba ( pure street mutt) 
More than 10,000 dog services
and counting...


Contact Us
Our Phone (624) 120 54 52
Paseo Pescador  Chamizal 
San Jose del Cabo 
email woofcabo@gmail.com